Illustration Bron Alexander

After years of being designing, I started to notice more and more illustrative elements sneaking into my designs. I started making art for my children's rooms, greeting cards for friends and family's birthdays, then branched out to selling a few items at a local craft market.


Sometime after launching my Bron Alexander Illustrations brand, I began to feel the need to start producing more hand crafted products. I also wanted somewhere to sell my quirky street art photographic prints and so began CubeCube. 

The photographic street art prints currently sell online, and or can be purchased in store at Soul Gallery in Hamilton. Other crafty objects are sold at local craft markets alongside my Bron Alexander Illustrations.

Spicers "This is IMPRESSive" Competition

Spicers Paper ran a competition to create awareness of their new uncoated paper stock "Impress".  The  "This is IMPRESSive" competition required you to adhere a sticker (supplied by Spicers) to something you found impressive, photograph it, then upload it to a tumblr site. This really inspired me to actually get a project off the ground I had been thinking of for some time. The project was to create a piece of street art utilising my illustrations. I'd like to think this feat (which required a lot of time and patience) was impressive simply because I managed to get it done, but it was never about winning (which would have been great), but more the realisation of doing something I had thought about for so long!

Little Big Markets Tote Bag Design

I visited the Little Big Markets (Mount Maunganui) as a stall holder a few times over summer. It's one of the best creative markets I've been too, and a gorgeous location. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with them to create a design for their tote bag. I was one of 5 artists selected to submit a design, and I'm so super proud of the end result.